In loving memory of our son, brother, and friend — Chase Edler

Leslie, Elyse, and Marissa Edler would like to sincerely thank every individual for their thoughts, prayers, and love over the past year. The overwhelming turnout at Chase's paddle out was incredible and it was encouraging to see the way he touched so many lives. We are grateful for everyone who spent countless hours and time making that day possible and especially, to all of you, who spent endless days at the hospital with me. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bringing laughter and life into our lives. They say it takes a village to raise a child. This is our village.

Eulogy from Rabbi Zaret

As a rabbi, I'm expected to explain G-d's ways and explain how Chase's life could end so tragically. I have no answers, but I could share thoughts and discussions I had with Chase, which will help you understand who Chase was.

I was fortunate to spend part of this past summer with Chase on his first and only visit to Israel. Chase's Israel trip was perhaps the most powerful experience of his young life.

People debate whether G-d created the world or did the world come into being randomly, by chance. The question is, what difference does it make? What difference does it make if the world just evolved on its own, or G-d created it? We need to understand that if G-d created the world then everything in it was an intended gift given to us by G-d. This was Chase's view of the world.

An entrepreneur is a person who sees opportunity where no one else does. All of us would like to be wealthy, but only a few individuals have the keen sense to see the opportunities hidden everywhere. Chase was like an entrepreneur. He saw things that the average person didn't see. He saw the G-d given gifts in life everywhere.

Chase was wide eyed, soaking in everything around him. Everything was a gift, a blessing, something to be appreciated. If you understand that life and everything in it is a gift from G-d, then you have a tremendous sense of appreciation, which brings to an inner joy, happiness and love of life. If you recognize and appreciate that everything you have is a gift from G-d, it's a lot easier to be a happy person. That was Chase. This life philosophy of Chase is what caused his wonderful disposition, his cheerful nature, and his stunning smile. On one of our many discussions, Chase explained to me how we have to be grateful for everything in life; for the ability to see, to walk, to talk, to her, to taste.

The best way to explain what made Chase the confident, cheerful, humble hard working, charismatic, and lovable person he was would be through the following thought I had.

I never had an opportunity to get to know chase's dad, however I have gotten to know Leslie, Chase's mom and the relationship Chase had with her. I can only speak about her and that relationship-

Imagine for a moment if G-d had come to Leslie last night in a dream and told her that perhaps this taking of Chase's life was just too painful. He thought it over and decided to give Chase another twenty years here on earth. Imagine how Leslie would react; for the next twenty years Leslie would shower Chase with nothing but affectionate love, hugs and kisses. She would constantly tell him how lovely and special he is. How capable of achieving anything he puts his heart to. Chase would be adored, loved and encouraged in a way beyond our ability to imagine.

Anyone who knew Leslie and her relationship with Chase knows that that's just the way she raised chase. This is what made Chase the incredible person he was.

Very often parents forget or just are not aware of the profound impact they have on their children. A love of life, an inner happiness, a sense of drive and passion to accomplish, are often the results of a parent who showered a child with love, warmth and confidence. Let's use this tragic event as an opportunity to realize the impact that we have on our children and the role we play in their success in life.

This same love and warmth that Leslie had shown Chase and her daughters also made the bond that she shared with her friends. The love and concern and deep pain shown to her by the room full of friends was really something. These ladies would do anything for her.

May G-d continue to grant you the strength to inspire Elisa and Marissa, your dear friends, and all who come to know you.

Chase Edler

Memories of Chase

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